Temple de la flore Collection


The collection is hewn from memories of my grandmother's garden, some ideas vivid as the day I saw them, some fleeting and barely tangible. Each gown is inspired by the flowers and plants she grew, including arums, roses, lilies, carnations, Marguerite daisies, and dandelions. The enveloping, ever-changing organic forms of these flowers influenced the silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments of the gowns.

Creating this collection brought me back to what is at the core of Daniel Learmont Couture: a desire for joy, vitality, and a lightness of spirit that comes from being true to yourself. The shapes, although dramatic, are created using materials that allow for an almost weightless feeling. Airy, floating silk organzas and taffetas create volume and joie de vivre while offering incredible ease of movement. Short party dresses adorned with ostrich feathers, sequins, pearls, and plissé tulles are designed to be danced in until dawn.